Specialist advice to businesses

Employers commonly complain about the burden of employment regulation and the degree of risk it can expose them to.

Smaller or growing employers face particular challenges with the volume and complexity of the legal requirements. At the same time, large companies with experienced HR functions can also benefit from external specialist advice when dealing with the impact of new or changing laws or handling situations for the first time.

We offer cost efficient expert back-up to HR functions, in-house lawyers and business executives to ensure that employment law risks are effectively managed:

  • we will review or prepare succinct contracts of employment, policies and procedures, staff handbooks, consultancy agreements and other employment documentation which are fully compliant and protect business interests

  • we will guide employers through the impact of employment regulation such as discrimination laws, working time rules or maternity and other family friendly rights on business and on the handling of specific employee situations

  • we will assist with the management of employee grievance, disciplinary or performance procedures

  • we will advise on the application of UK laws to expatriate staff and draft suitable
    secondment letters and agreements for inbound and outbound assignees

  • we will support employers in handling individual dismissals, including sensitive executive situations, and prepare suitable compromise or severance agreements

  • we will work with employers who face large scale redundancy situations and assist in the management of the consultation and selection procedures

  • we will defend employers where they face employment tribunal or court claims

  • we will carry out due diligence and negotiations on the employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions

  • we will explain the complexities of TUPE and their impact on business sales, outsourcings and reorganisations

  • we will provide consultancy support to organisations facing complex international transactions such as cross-border mergers or formation of an SE