Support for individuals

For most of their working lives individuals have no need to refer to their contracts of employment or understand their statutory rights but on occasions they need to do so.

We provide support to individuals on those occasions on which their employment rights do become relevant:

  • we will review a contract of employment, offer letter or consultancy agreement to ensure it provides the financial security the individual thinks he/she has negotiated, for instance to make certain an expected bonus or commission cannot be denied

  • we will offer guidance on how to handle any complaint or grievance an employee has, or a disciplinary or performance procedure to the employee is made party

  • we will assist an individual seeking compensation from his/her employer on termination of employment, or for discrimination or other breach of employment rights, including where the individual is unwell or suffering stress

  • we will review and explain the meaning of a compromise or settlement agreement an individual is asked to sign and seek to negotiate improved terms where appropriate

  • we will advise on the enforceability and impact of any restrictive covenants where an individual is changing jobs and faces the risk of attack by a previous employer

  • we will represent an individual in any Employment Tribunal or court proceedings arising from termination of employment, discrimination or other legal claim